Dawn Penn
Thursday 2nd November 2017
@ District, Liverpool, part of Liverpool Music Week

I very nearly didn’t make it to tonight’s show.  I couldn’t get there before 10pm, which I thought would be ok as she wouldn’t finish until 11pm, but then I saw the stage times today – a 9.15pm start!

Normally I take stage times with a pinch of salt, more often than not bands go on late, however Liverpool Music Week has been running like clockwork, and it didn’t seem worth traveling across town and possibly missing her set entirely.

Fortunately, people at the gig alerted me to the fact that it was running late, and I arrived just before 10pm, just as the band were coming out – result!

Dawn Penn

One of the great things about this year’s Liverpool Music Week lineup has been the sheer variety of music styles on offer, and tonight was the turn of Reggae in the form of Dawn Penn, put on by Positive Vibration.

Positive Vibration have done a sterling job this year of bringing bone-fide reggae legends to Liverpool, and tonight was no exception.

Most people think of Dawn as a one hit wonder, thanks to her massive hit “You don’t love me (No, no, no)” in the 90s, but she was also active in the 60s.

Tonight she mixed her own material with covers, a set which saw smiles and dancing throughout the venue.

Another thoroughly enjoyable night!


Originally published in Urbanista Magazine UK
Words + Pictures by John W. King