As we quickly approach the end of June, a lot of blogs have started compiling their lists of best albums from the first half of the year.

To be honest, I haven’t found many albums this year that I’d add to a list.  Lots of solid, competent albums, but not many that I’ve been really excited about.

That could be about to change though with the 2nd half of this year already shaping up nicely.

This week alone, new singles from Beach Bunny, Ghostpoet and Chime School (Chime School are playing a show for Live Music Pix on Saturday 5th October at District, Liverpool) plus albums on the way from the likes of Curses (produced by no less than Johnny Jewel) and even a possibility of a new Dlina Volny album give hope that this could yet prove to be a vintage year for new albums.

The first album I’m really excited about is the new one from Kills Across The River – Attention Economy, which follows their 2022 debut “Mutt”.

Mutt was one of my most listened to albums of 2022 so it was always going to be a tough one to follow – but even on first listen, this album ups the ante even more.

I’m not sure whether the pre-release copy is the final track running order or not, but It’s always a good sign when an album starts with the singles – the opening track is the title track – Attention Economy which is due for release this Friday, 28th June, and the 2nd track “Lifeguard” is scheduled for release on 26th July, with the album itself being released in August.

Albums tend to build up to the singles, but this one hits you with the singles straight away and never loses that level of quality, indeed whatever the final running order, it’s 10 tracks of sheer perfection, bursting with catchy tunes, intelligent lyrics and ideas.

Think of your favourite album from the 90s that doesn’t have any skippable tracks – well this is every bit as good!

With the band playing their first ever live show in Tacoma last Friday, I live in hope that they do a European tour in the not too distant future!

It’s an incredible album which I suspect will get even better on repeated listens – I urge you to check it out as soon as you get the chance.