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Author: John W. King

2022 – Preview

If 2020 taught us anything it’s not to look forward to anything too much. 2021 we apprehensively returned to gigs.  My last gig of the year was Princess Goes to the Butterfly museum in November.  Seeing an American band again in Liverpool made it feel like things were finally back to “old” normal. But then December comes and we’re back to a slew of gig cancellations and everything very much up in the air. On the plus side at a personal level, 2021 was probably the first year I’ve stuck to my new years resolution throughout the year –...

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2021 End of Year List

End of year round ups used to be fairly predictable affairs. Sounds/Melody Maker/NME would have broadly similar lists drawn from the world of Indie/Alternative, whereas the likes of Smash Hits and Record Mirror would be more focussed on the charts. The internet has of course given us access to a much wider selection of music, we no longer have Radio Playlisters and Music press editors dictating which bands we get to hear about. As a result, there is very little consensus amongst lists of who the best artists of the year were, indeed I’ve looked at “Top 50 Albums...

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EXCLUSIVE: Dlina Volny Q&A

Artists signed to Johnny Jewel’s Italians Do It Better label have a tendency to show up in my end of year “Best of” lists. My favourite album of last year was “Darkest Dreams” by Krakow Loves Adana and their 2021 album “Follow the Voice” is also on this year’s list.  Whilst they’ve parted company with the label, I initially discovered them whilst they were signed to it. My favourite album of 2019 was Chromatics “Closer to Grey” also on IDIB. This year no less than 2 of my favourite albums came from the label – “The Internet” by the...

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Princess Goes to the Butterfly Museum + Beija Flo @ 24 Kitchen St – Photo Review

I must say it was refreshing to turn up for an underground band’s gig at 24 Kitchen Street half an hour before doors opened, and already there was a long queue stretching up from the Bridgewater St entrance right up to Jamaica Street. But of course, this was no ordinary gig. Firstly, honorary scouser via Essex, the incomparable Beija Flo was on support, and nobody in their right mind wants to miss her performance. And of course, whilst the headliner, Princess Goes to the Butterfly Museum may not be familiar to everyone just yet, there can’t be many people...

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Dlina Volny release new album Dazed

If you like 80s Synth bands such as Human League, OMD and Yazoo then you should stop reading this and immediately have a listen to the new Dlina Volny album. This is a good place to start: If you like these, there’s plenty more where that came from on the album, I’ve had it pretty much on repeat since it was released last Friday. The Italians Do It Better label keep putting out superb albums, with both Glume‘s The Internet and Dlina Volny‘s Dazed contenders for album of the year IMHO. Here’s the official announcement. Belarus-based trio Dlina Volny have shared...

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