Author: John W. King

Glastonbury 2022 Preview

Glastonbury Festival of Contemporary Performing Arts Worthy Farm, Shepton Mallet, Somerset, England Wednesday 22nd June – Sunday 26th June 2022 SOLD OUT It’s a cliche that the lineup at Glastonbury doesn’t really matter, it’s all about the vibe! And it’s true, but it doesn’t really make sense until you’ve experienced the festival at it’s best, and doing so is often down to luck – It isn’t always an easy festival. On my first time, it had been beautiful sunny weather for weeks before, the BBC weather warned of light showers but nothing to worry about, I was there in...

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Beija Flo + Ostrich + Divorce @ Future Yard

A superb night of Poetry, Comedy and Live Music

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So… We brought my favourite band to Liverpool… Skating Polly!

People rarely get passionate about new bands any more. Take a look at any blog, even one with a big circulation, and “0 Comments” is a common feature, and Facebook comments tend to be comprised of the band thanking the writer. I saw an American blog with over 2 million Facebook followers, who had a regular”40 New Bands you must listen to” feature, the last time they did it, it had just 36 reactions.  Even if they were all orphan, single solo artists, 4 of the artists themselves aren’t even bothered. Abundance dilutes appreciation – having pretty much every...

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