Author: John W. King

2020 End of Year Roundup

2020 is a year most of us would rather forget.  I suspect the BBC won’t be making a “I heart 2020” anytime soon! This year reminds me of a story one of my old bosses used to tell.  He was always telling stories, it used to drive me up the wall as I heard them so often, but this one always stuck in my memory. It was about 2 sisters, one married a millionaire and moved away, the other married a starving artist and stayed at home.  They hadn’t seen each other for years and their kids hadn’t even...

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Dry Cleaning + Pozi: Shipping Forecast – Photo Review

Dry Cleaning + Pozi The Shipping Forecast 15 Slater St, Liverpool L1 4BW Friday 21st February 2020 Also appears in Urbanista Magazine UK People my age often say they are too old to go to gigs any more. To be fair, I kind of see where they are coming from. After being in bed on Wednesday with a painful gallstone attack, I don’t get sick pay so was working even harder than usual to make up the hours, it was raining and drunk woman at the bus stop wouldn’t believe that I wasn’t her doctor and kept asking me...

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