Japanese Breakfast + St Jude the Obscure + Mary Miller
Tuesday 31st October 2017
@ EBGBS part of Liverpool Music Week

Liverpool Music Week has been incredible for me so far – the sheer fun and danceable disco joy of Chic, the supreme artistic musicianship of the Bella Union night, and Dan Croll exceeding my expectations.  Was tonight going to be flat in comparison?  Not in the slightest!

Sadly I missed the opening act, Bill Nickson.  Word has it that he/they were good, but the phrase that kept coming up was “I’d like to see them in a year’s time”, so presumably they show a lot of potential.

Mary Miller

Mary Miller is from Blackpool and currently studying at LIPA.  There was a time when the “LIPA sound” was infamous, for being polished but formulaic and lacking soul or substance, however in recent times there have been a spate of LIPA acts who have smashed this particular mould to smithereens, creating music that is interesting and inventive.  Pink Kink! is one such band, and I’m glad to say Mary Miller is another.

I got the impression she was a little nervous on occasion, which is understandable, but I’m sure her confidence will grow, and she’s definitely on the “One to watch” list.

St Jude the Obscure

Whilst I wasn’t familiar with St Jude the Obscure per-se, I am familiar with it’s lead singer, Adéle Emmas who was formerly in bands such as Bird and is known for her incredible vocals.

She was on fine form tonight and this band really know how to rock, and were a joy to watch.

The guy next to me told me it’s the 5th time he’s  gone to see them – and after seeing just how good they are, I can well understand why.

Japanese Breakfast

This is what music is all about!

I had a listen to Japanese Breakfast on Spotify and YouTube and liked what I heard.  They reminded me a bit of Cibo Matto who did the song “Sugar Water” – and it must have reminded whoever was programming the music between bands of them too as they played it before their set!

Live, they were absolutely incredible.  On my 3rd night out in a row, editing photos and reviewing to the early hours of the morning I had been flagging a bit, but their set gave me the buzz to keep going.

The audience loved it, it felt a privilege to be in the room witnessing such a great performance.

The lead singer Michelle Zauner said it was her first time in Liverpool.  Based on tonight’s performance I truly hope it’s the first of many!


Originally published in Urbanista Magazine UK
Words + Pictures by John W. King