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Author: John W. King

Dry Cleaning + Pozi: Shipping Forecast – Photo Review

Dry Cleaning + Pozi The Shipping Forecast 15 Slater St, Liverpool L1 4BW Friday 21st February 2020 Also appears in Urbanista Magazine UK People my age often say they are too old to go to gigs any more. To be fair, I kind of see where they are coming from. After being in bed on Wednesday with a painful gallstone attack, I don’t get sick pay so was working even harder than usual to make up the hours, it was raining and drunk woman at the bus stop wouldn’t believe that I wasn’t her doctor and kept asking me...

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Poliça + Warm Digits @ Gorilla, Manchester – Review

Poliça + Warm Digits Gorilla, 54-56 Whitworth St, Manchester M1 5WW Saturday 8th February 2020 After establishing that I’d been to a gig in Manchester, my taxi driver from Lime St inevitably asked who I’d been to see.  When I told him, he looked a little confused, “What Sting and that?” he asked. It was obvious he’d never heard of Poliça, and to be fair, before I received the announcement of this tour and the current album, I wasn’t aware of them either. When I posted up the preview though, several people came forward and said I’ve got to...

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Dry Cleaning – New Single, and Feb/March UK Tour inc Liverpool

Following the release of their second EP “Boundary Road Snacks and Drinks” back in October, South London’s DRY CLEANING have confirmed a run of UK tour dates for February & March. Firm friends for years, the band (Lewis Maynard, Tom Dowse, Florence Shaw & Nick Buxton) only started making music after a party in 2017 inspired a collaboration. They wrote instrumentally to begin with and six months later Shaw, a university lecturer and picture researcher by day, joined on vocals with no prior musical experience. They recorded their debut “Sweet Princess” EP before playing their first show in 2018. Dry...

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