Author: John W. King

Lee “Scratch” Perry – Arts Club, Liverpool

Lee “Scratch” Perry of course needs no introduction – a true legend and pioneer of the Reggae scene who has worked with everyone from Bob Marley to The Orb, not to mention winning a Grammy for best Reggae Album in 2003.

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Electric Six @ O2 Academy Liverpool +Dick Valentine @ Maguires Pizza Bar

Electrix Six / Dick Valentine @ O2 Academy / Maguires Pizza Bar 28th February 2018 Tell anyone you’re going to see Electric Six, and 9 times out of 10 they will respond “Oh, are they still on the go?”.  Like many bands, they picked up enough dedicated fans during their time in the spotlight, to sustain them once the spotlight moved on, and have so far clocked up an impressive 13 albums. Once a band is out of the spotlight, the pressure to constantly churn out hits is off, and they can concentrate on making the music they and...

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