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Author: John W. King

NEWS: Skating Polly is Coming to Liverpool!

I am delighted to finally be able to announce that Live Music Pix has teamed up with MoonFrog to bring Skating Polly to Liverpool! Having seen the band put on an outstanding show in Manchester back in 2019 (which feels like a very long time ago – particularly with a year without gigs in between) I just knew we had to bring them here. If you’re not familiar with the band, have a flick through their back catalogue to get some idea why they are a must-see. Their show will take place at Jimmy’s Liverpool, 130 Bold Street, Liverpool...

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2020 End of Year Roundup

2020 is a year most of us would rather forget.  I suspect the BBC won’t be making a “I heart 2020” anytime soon! This year reminds me of a story one of my old bosses used to tell.  He was always telling stories, it used to drive me up the wall as I heard them so often, but this one always stuck in my memory. It was about 2 sisters, one married a millionaire and moved away, the other married a starving artist and stayed at home.  They hadn’t seen each other for years and their kids hadn’t even...

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