NNHMN is a dark electronic music project – creating moody and evocative electronic music infected with dark synth sounds, eerie ambiances and mysterious female vocals. NNHMN live and work in their chosen home -Berlin. Lee and Laudarg embarked on a sonic journey on the thresholds of New Brutalist Theatre, experimental electronic music and technoculture. Many releases and gigs worldwide followed, under various names and with different members, culminating in the present project.

NNHMN’s dizzying sound is defined by analogue textures and arpeggiated bass lines, a sense of sonic investigation that veers from post-punk to haunted synth-wave and disco. Obsessive synth lines and sultry vocal deliveries guide the listener through a thrilling dimension with minimal synth qualities and gothic undertones. NNHMN have built up a local following and have been appreciated by numerous alternative festival organizers.

The band has toured Europe, played local Berlin clubs and performed live at festivals in Seoul, New York City, Montreal and Barcelona.

NEW EP Tomorrow’s Heroine will be released in full on 27th July and is available on black and white vinyl and as the digital download. It is limited to 300 pieces.

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Moonfrog Presents NNHMN at Kaizmier Stockroom Saturday 9th October 2021