With 60,000 new songs uploaded to Spotify every day it’s a wonder that any artists breakthrough at all.   The ones that make it into my inbox are generally alright, nothing to get excited about, but pleasant enough in a generic kind of way.  One song will sound a bit like Oasis, I’m not really keen on Oasis so I’ll move on.  Another will sound a bit like The Cocteau Twins, I like the Cocteau Twins, but it’ll not have that special something that they had, and so on.

But every so often an artist comes along who stands out from the crowd, such an artist is Glüme.

To be perfectly honest, on first listen I wasn’t sure I liked her music, indeed I was pretty sure I didn’t – perhaps a little too “pop” for me, and yet it intrigued me enough to keep going back for another listen: “nope still don’t like it”, “nope not for me”, “well it’s not bad”, “actually that’s quite good”, “actually that’s VERY good” I’m sure you get the picture.

Whilst her look is unmistakably Marilyn, and some of her videos are very David Lynch, I find her music harder to pigeon-hole.  The closest point of reference I can think of would be Madonna at her most experimental, but it doesn’t really do her justice.

Ultimately you may love her music, or you may hate it, so here’s your chance to find out.

And a rare interview:

and here is her official bio:

Glüme was born & raised in the City of Angels. Getting her first taste of the silver screen as a child actress, she juggled time between training her voice, exploring music & wrestling with her health. Her various autoimmune issues eventually evolved into a heart disease called Prinzmetal. She doesn’t feel her body & soul are quite compatible with this world…but she loves visiting & writing about the people here. Her music collides at the crossroads where tomorrow has forgotten yesterday. Imagine a seance with Norma Jean starring as Marilyn Monroe hosted by Julee Cruise. It’s black lodge music for the blue youth of the internet age. Glüme is a shimmering new star in the Italians Do It Better galaxy. Glüme’s debut album ‘The Internet‘ is due April 30th via Italians Do It Better.”

The tracklisting for her debut album “The Internet” is as follows:

1. Arthur Miller
2. What Is A Feeling
3. Nervous Breakdown
4. Crushed Velvet
5. Body
6. Get Low
7. Blossom
8. Don’t @ Me
9. The Internet
10. Heatwave
11. Porcelain
12. Chemicals

and is released on 30th April.

My favourite album of last year was Deepest Darkness by Kraków Loves Adana, and though they’d parted ways by then, they were originally introduced to me via Johnny Jewel’s Italians do it Better label when they were signed to it.

It’s too early in the year to know whether Glüme’s album “The Internet” will top my list this year, especially as I’ve only heard the singles so far and it’s only April.

All I’ll say is, if the singles are anything to go by, it’ll have been an amazing year for albums if it doesn’t make my Top 10!