With the year, and indeed the decade nearly over, the prosecco all drunk, the selection boxes and tins of roses empty, it’s high time to look fwd to what musical treats we may be in for in the coming year.

Skating Polly

As my favourite discovery of 2019, I’m obviously keeping everything crossed that I get to see them in again in 2020.

Although tour dates haven’t been officially announced yet, they have indicated on Instagram that they will be hitting Europe earlier this year (last 2 years have been October).  I’ve heard a whisper that “Europe” includes the UK, so fingers crossed.

London and Manchester both sold out this year, whilst Glasgow and Birmingham I believe very nearly did, and with word spreading like wildfire I’d suggest you keep your eyes peeled and buy a ticket as soon as the dates are announced.

In other good news, they’ve also confirmed that they are recording new songs – so could the 6th album could drop this coming year?

Poison Point / Lonesaw / God on my Right / Jezebel

This night at Kazimier Stockroom on Friday 31st January could be an early highlight of the year, and IMHO the very best way to celebrate getting through January!


One of the gigs I’m really excited about is POLIÇA at Gorilla on 8th February 2020.  A number of people who’ve seen her tell me she’s amazing, and the songs I’ve been listening to certainly back that up.

Benn Watt

I never got around to seeing Everything But The Girl live, and when I bought the DVD of one of their concerts at Kentish Town Forum, I realised how much I’d missed out.

I live in hope of them reforming one day, meanwhile Ben Watt’s new material seems a change of direction from his more electronic sounding music of a few years ago, but still sounding great.

He’s got an extensive tour lined up, and he hits Liverpool Phase One on Sunday 8th March 2020.

Melon Yellow

This new event looks a bit special:

“Melon Yellow’s first transmission will be broadcasted on March 14th 2020 at the Invisible Wind Factory in Liverpool

Join the experiment as we test the best sounds in a live environment accompanied by a full sensory experience, across food, drink and the visual arts”

People have been telling me for a while to check out The Regrettes, and with their youtube video views counted in their millions, I’m clearly (fashionably!) late to this band, so can’t wait to check them out along with Lauran Hibberd, Ride, Turnover, Gaffa Tape Sandy, St Martins and Newmoon.

Threshold Festival 2020

Threshold is always an early highlight of the year, I never fail to discover some great new bands, not to mention catching up with Liverpool’s creative community.

This year however will be tinged with sadness as this is the final outing of this festival which began in 2011.

No lineup details yet – but what it lack in big names is always more than made up for with big talent!  Miss it at your peril!

Minuit Machine / Selofan at Studio 2, Parr St

Unless I can sort out a babysitter, it looks like I might miss this one 🙁 But if you can make it, it looks like 2 quality bands – and when Moonfrog are involved you can be sure it’s going to be a top night on Thursday 14th May 2020.

Bearded Theory’s Spring Gathering

A lot of festivals have very predictable lineups, but Bearded always seem to manage to think outside the box, with genuinely innovative lineups featuring fantastic headliners and middle bill, plus some of the best up and coming bands, all in a very chilled environment with a short walk between the 5 stages as well as excellent facilities for kids including an ofsted registered school for the Friday.

With The Flaming Lips and Patti Smith already announced, with a 3rd headliner still to come, not to mention the likes of The Damned, Sugarhill Gang, She Drew The Gun, Liines, Imperial Wax (the final lineup of The Fall, obviously without Mark E. Smith) and Walt Disco – there is a lot to get excited about already!

Not so sure about Black Lace though 😉

Positive Vibration – Festival of Reggae

I’ve missed previous Positive Vibration Festival Of Reggae outings as I couldn’t do that weekend.  Last year when I could have done it, it took a year off!  I’m determined to catch the 2020 outing as the lineup is already immense!

Already 2020 is shaping up to be a vintage year – and these are probably just the tip of the iceberg.

Stay tuned for news as I get it.

Happy New Year!