The Woodentops are a national treasure. Propelled into the arena by John Peel in the early 1980’s and furthered by Rough Trade they produced a slew of high energy singles that leapt out of the radio. One of the stand out albums of the period, Giant, led to one of the best live Lp’s of all time ‘Hypnobeat Live’. A cut from this album ‘Why Why Why is the principle crossover anthem of the second summer of love that brought the club movement of the late eighties. David Bowie, a big fan of the band booked them to support, Prince tried, the Smiths threw them off their tour for being just too dangerous. its an incredible journey that has a bag full of little victories but no one mega hit that has dampened the joy of creation, as is usually the case. The fun is intact and the ideas varied and immediately likeable.

The Woodentops are proper, as time has proven and they 100% rock the house.

They play Live Rooms, Chester on Monday 11th November 2019

(For those traveling by train to the gig, the venue is in the same street as the train station).