Electric Dreams Weekender
Butlins Resort, Upper Bognor Rd, Bognor Regis PO21 1JJ
Friday 29th November – Monday 2nd December 2019

When I went to The Great British Alternative Music Festival, at Butlins Skegness in 2018 I expected it to be just another festival, but it turned out to be rather special – with superb sound and lighting, great vibe, friendly helpful staff, plus comfy beds and hot sit-down meals, it was so good that I went to the one in Minehead earlier this year and will hopefully be returning to Skegness in October.

It got me thinking about other Butlin’s Weekenders – there’s something for all tastes including 60s, 70s, 80s, 90s, 00s, Rock, Dance/Ibizia, Disco, Folk, Soul and Northern Soul.

But the 2 that stood out for me personally were Shiiine On and Electric Dreams.

Electric Dreams, as you can probably guess is themed around Synth bands, mainly from the 80s and was originally the brain-child of David Pick the owner of the Vintage TV channel.

I covered the resorts themselves extensively from first-hand experience in my reviews of The Great British Alternative Music Festival, but I was keen to get some first hand info on this particular festival, so I asked for people’s opinions on the event’s facebook group.

The responses were overwhelmingly positive, with only minor niggles, for example originally there was a prog rock stage which was discontinued due to lack of interest but some people still miss it.

Obviously everyone has favourite bands that they’d like to see at the festival, which isn’t always possible due to logistics, or budget.

But lots of people go back year after year, so the festival must be doing something right!

Here’s a look at the 2019 lineup, which looks pretty impressive.  I’ve tried to use recent performance videos from youtube where possible.  Obviously most of these were probably taken on people’s phones, so sound and video not the best, but I think they show that these artists are still at the top of their game!


I’m personally most excited about one of the newest additions to the lineup – xPropaganda who are Claudia Brucken and Susanne Freytag from Propaganda performing “A Secret Wish” (for me, one of the best albums of the 80s) in full.

I went to London to catch their first shows, last year.  There were people there from America, France and Germany, it was a very special event, and I think everyone was glad they made the journey, no matter how far!

I caught them again last December supporting Heaven 17 on the Liverpool stop of their tour, and were once again phenomenal!

Here’s a video from the London gig that someone has uploaded, the video is a bit shaky but it’s got the best audio of the ones I could find.

Jimmy Somerville and 15 piece Band

I couldn’t find a video with his 15 piece band, but this relatively recent live performance shows he’s still in great form, and should be a real highlight!

Howard Jones

Normally I’d post a video of one of his big hits like New Song, or Like to get to know you well, or Peal in the Shell or something like that – but on first hearing of this song from his latest album, I think it’s safe to say he’s still got it!

Altered Images

This is from 5 years ago, but looks like Claire Grogan is every bit as sassy as she was back in the day. Everyone I know who’s seen them recently says they are on fire.  Looking fwd to this one!


People who saw them when they came to Liverpool earlier in the year all said they were great – so I’ve got big expectations for them!


I only really knew their big song, and I wasn’t really a fan of it to be honest, but watching this live performance from a couple of years ago they might just win me over on the day!

China Crisis

The Art of What?! – Art of Noise founders Live AV set

Nick Heyward

Steve Norman (Spandau Ballet)

PLUS – British Electric Foundation


Glenn Gregory (Heaven 17)

Claudia Brucken (Propaganda)

Peter Hooton (The Farm)

Peter Hook (Ex-New Order/Joy Division)

Mari Wilson

Glen Matlock (Sex Pistols/Rich Kids)

Butlins Electric Dreams Festival 2019 takes place at Bognor Regis Resort on Friday 29th November – Monday 2nd December 2019, tickets and more details available here.