I get sent lots of great music these days, so much that it’s impossible to keep up with in fact.

But every so often I get sent something that is so good I have to stop what I’m doing and post about it!

LA based trio Pinky Pinky are just such a band.

To be honest, on first hearing of their new single “Do Me Dirty (Charlie)” I wasn’t entirely sure what to make of it, but there was definitely something there so I had a listen to the tracks they have on Spotify, and they have some cracking tunes, and the new single has grown on me!

As three best friends who grew up in LA together, Pinky Pinky write music all about their everyday observations, anxieties and passions living outside of the noise of societal pressures and sonic trends that come with growing up in a major city. Consisting of vocalist and drummer Anastasia Sanchez (20), guitarist Isabelle Fields (19), and bassist Eva Chambers (19), the trio make music for themselves and tell candid stories directly from their perspective.

Do Me Dirty (Charlie), produced by Hanni El Khatib & Jonny Bell, holds a self-assured approach weaving together acoustic guitar, tropical drum patterns and twinkling triangle notes.

“‘Do Me Dirty’ (Charlie) is about manipulation” the band explain.“It’s really about when someone does you wrong.”

Catch them whilst they are still playing the smaller venues!


May 17 – Glasgow, Scotland @ Mono*
May 18 – Edinburgh, UK @ Sneaky Petes*
May 20 – Manchester, UK @ Soup Kitchen*
May 21 – Birmingham, UK @ Sunflower Lounge*
May 22 – London, UK @ Seabright Arms
May 24 – Manchester, UK @ Dot to Dot Festival
May 25 – Bristol, UK @ Dot to Dot Festival
May 26 – Nottingham, UK @ Dot to Dot Festival