Gotta admit that I don’t have my ear quite as close to the ground as I once did, so until recently I was totally unaware of Atlanta’s “The Coathangers” but my first listen revealed them to be right up my street, and I quickly decided to add them to my regular music recommendations section.

Their new album “The Devil You Know” isn’t out until tommorow, Friday 8th March on Suicide Squeeze Records, but meanwhile if you’re also discovering them for the first time, there is loads to check out on spotify and Youtube, including their latest single Step Back.

The band explains that Step Back is: “reflection of the pain and helplessness that comes with loving someone who is lost in the fog of addiction. We have all been touched by the effects of drug and alcohol issues, which often leave us feeling bewildered. Lurking in the shadows all around us, addiction is the monster that has taken too many people we love away from us. This song is a plea to get them back.”

Reading the press-release for the album I noted they are currently on a US tour.  I’d love to go and see them, but sadly flying to the US to catch a gig is a little beyond my means.

But you can always depend on Revo of Evol to bring the very best bands from around the world right here in Liverpool, so they are performing at Arts Club on Tuesday 30th April 2019

WED APR 24 – Brighton, UK, The Latest Music Bar
THU APR 25 – London, UK, Studio 9294
SAT APR 27 – Leicester, UK, The Cookie
SUN APR 28 – Glasgow, UK, SWG Poetry Club
MON APR 29 – Manchester, UK, Soup Kitchen
TUE APR 30 – Liverpool, UK, Arts Club (Loft)
WED MAY 1 – Leeds, UK, The Key Club

Tickets go on sale tomorrow morning, Friday 8th March 2019 at 10am sharp.  You’d be mad to miss out!

Click here for event details and ticket links

(Photo Credit Jeff Forney)