Mogwai + The Twilight Sad
Everntim Olympia, Liverpool
Thursday 22nd November 2018

Tonight’s gig was a pretty inspired lineup, pairing together 2 bands that if you like one, you will probably like the other, which meant there was nearly as big a crowd for The Twilight Sad as there was for Mogwai.

The Twilight Sad formed in Kilsyth, Scotland in 2003 whilst Mogwai are from Glasgow and formed way back in 1995.

There seems to be some debate over how to classify their music – with post-rock, Indie, Art-Rock, Math-Rock, Shoegaze etc thrown in the ring of possibilities.  Personally speaking, there are only two classifications of music that really mater to me – music I like, and music I don’t like, these bands fall firmly in the “like” category!

I’m no expert on either band’s back catalogue, indeed when the press release came through for the gig, I was discussing it with my missus, and neither of us could name a song either band had done.  On googling, we saw that Mogwai did the soundtrack for the fantastic French drama The Revenants (The Returned on Channel 4), but we couldn’t remember much about the soundtrack other than it being good.

Neither band do singalong anthems, they make epic soundscapes that touch the soul.  Cribbing them on Spotify before the gig, they are good, but live if you don’t get goosbumps listening to them then you should probably see a doctor, or perhaps an undertaker 😉

At one point, the lead singer of The Twilight Sad stopped to comment on the beauty of the Eventim Olympia – and no wonder!  It is a fabulous building, and nice to have a gig venue slightly outside of the city centre.

A slightly surreal moment during Coolverine, I saw a guy walk past who was the spitting image of the guy in the video!  Maybe he’s connected to the band and it was him, or maybe I just haven’t had enough sleep and I’m seeing things, who knows?

2 bands well worth catching if you get the chance.

A superb night!


Words + Pictures by John W. King
Also appears in Urbanista Magazine UK