One of the problems with being 50 is that having heard lots of music over the years, everything you listen to sounds a bit like something that went before.  It makes it harder to get excited about something new.

But when Future Get Down’s EP2 landed in my mailbox, it immediately grabbed me and had me listening to it on repeat with genuine excitement.

Not to say that they are 100% original – streams of consciousness over electronic beats whilst dressed in bee keeper outfits is hardly ground-breaking, and there’s more than a slight nod to LCD Soundsystem, but yet they have that special something that makes their music irresistible, to my ears at least!  I certainly want to find out more about  them.

EP2 was their second EP released on August 24th 2019.

It was recorded with Skye based producer El Ghoul at Edinburgh’s Che Future and Depot studios, I Was There’s rapid-fire tales of seeing Orbital at Glastonbury, the Beastie Boys and Lou Reed reciting poetry (“still f****** Lou Reed maaaaaan!”) is an intoxicating mix of hazy recollections and a winking irony. Imagine meeting the characters of Arab Strap’s The First Big Weekend in their heyday and you’re halfway there.

Described by The Skinny magazine as “LOUD, dark, synth-fuelled dance music that’s not for the faint of heart”, five piece Future Get Down made their live debut during Independent Venue Week 2017. Since then they’ve appeared at festivals such as Electric Fields (recorded in full by BBC Radio Scotland) and Glasgow’s Stag & Dagger as well supported the likes of Kraftwerk’s Wolfgang Flür, Jenny Hval and GNOD.

EP2 and other release from Future Get Down are available on Spotify and other digital platforms.